Super Mario: Ranking the Console Games

March 28, 2021

The most impactful game series in the gaming industry, every Super Mario Bros. title is a quality experience. But which one is the BEST experience on home consoles? Come count down together as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario!

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Honorable Mention(s)

The unique Yoshi's Island is the origin for another series. Both Super Mario Makers brought community creations mainstream. All-Stars is a high quality remaster and 3D All-Stars is a minorly improved collection.

13: Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels

Initially a JP only release, these levels added onto the original SMB with increased difficulty but not much else. Nintendo smartly swapped challenge levels to special worlds in every game since.

12: Super Mario Sunshine

This game replaced the traditional playstyle with a weird water pistol mechanic; it also introduced the maligned Bowser Jr character. While still enjoyable, the direction was too far off base for the series.

11: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Bringing four players to a Mario game was brilliant, and using 3D models in a 2D game made this series look great. The game was too easy, but still good, and accessible for the Wii's family audience.

10: New Super Mario Bros. U

A crisp HD sequel to NSMB, the Wii U introduced some strange touchpad options, but also enjoyable new levels and powerups, and later introduced DLC to the series with the amazing Super Luigi U.

09: Super Mario 3D World

Exciting four player action in a 3D Mario game. A locked camera angle made controls frustrating, however, and levels were far too linear for a 3D entry. Bowser's Fury later added more adventurous content.

08: Super Mario Bros.

The legendary original of the "Super" series. This is a game everyone must play at some point in their life. In hindsight, the controls are ROUGH but the platforming experience is stellar nonetheless.

07: Super Mario Bros. 2

A reskin of Doki Doki Panic for the NA market, this dream world was different enough to feel brand new but still retained the flavor from the original SMB. A few beloved characters joined the series as a result.

06: Super Mario Galaxy

Galaxy brought the series into outer space, developing the jumping aspect of platformers to have a greater focus on gravity. The unique powerups, mini-planets, and boss fights made this game exceptional.

05: Super Mario Galaxy 2

The sequel to Galaxy recreated everything great about the first entry, adding quality new powerups and mini-planets, and utilizing various Yoshis to generate an enjoyable and challenging experience.

04: Super Mario 64

The N64 brought 3D worlds and non-linear gameplay to the series. This game has served as the litmus test for every 3D platformer in the industry. Flawless, but in hindsight the worlds are relatively small.

03: Super Mario Odyssey

A combination and extension of the 64 and Galaxy titles, Odyssey gave the player a spaceship, a pseudo open world, and the ability to possess objects and enemies with Cappy. Oh, and a weird online mode.

02: Super Mario Bros. 3

The pinnacle of NES gaming, SMB3 improved on the original with graphics and controls, new powerups, world maps, and a proper narrative. One of the best games ever made, period. Featured in The Wizard film.

01: Super Mario World

Untouchable. SMW was a system seller for the SNES and the SNES Mini. This game brought 16-bit graphics, new abilities and powerups, and added the Yoshis. So good an entire rom hack community centers on this game.

Thank you for following. Everyone has a favorite Mario game, which speaks to the quality and longevity of the franchise.

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