Nintendo Wii U Exclusives: Top 5 Hidden Gems

July 25, 2021

The Wii U may be one of Nintendo's biggest marketing blunders, but it's also one of the best home consoles ever made. There are many top titles, but today we're counting down the some of the console's most underrated or bypassed Wii U exclusives. Come follow along!

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Honorable Mention(s)

A mainstay on hidden gem lists, the depth of Affordable Space Adventures is revealed. Atmospheric outer space environments, an inventive use of the gamepad, and an engaging multiplayer are all included.

05: Star Fox Zero

Famously rejected by its fanbase, Zero is actually a high quality game. The gamepad's dual-screen capabilities are pronounced here with motion controls and sight-specific aiming, a gimmick which feel uniquely Wii U.

04: Sin and Punishment

A Japan only N64 title, Westerners could finally play this game via Wii U's Virtual Console. A prequel to Wii's Star Successor, this is an intense on-rails shooter with added character mobility. A stellar series.

03: NintendoLand

An ignored pack-in title with the console, this is an excellent minigame collection. It remixes classics with inventive strategies and gamepad integration; challenging and fun solo or multiplayer, this is a must-have.

02: Devil's Third

Dumping on this game has become a meme, but its notoriously bad B Movie premise aside, this game is entertaining. Ninja slice enemies with a sword or blast them with high powered rifles, leading up to difficult bosses.

01: Wii Sports Club

Most players don't realize the original Wii Sports received a remake for the Wii U. HD graphics, new modes and mechanics, tighter motion controls, and online multiplayer made this the ultimate edition of the game.

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